Software Engineer
Kraken Technologies Japan





音声メディアが一番好きで、いつかでてみたい、自分でもやってみたいと思っていたので、まさかリスナーの自分が出演させていただけるとは思いもよらず、超うれしいです! ありがとうございます!

Hello, it's Nao here! I'm currently engaged with a green energy company, where I've had the opportunity to contribute mostly on the frontend side. My contributions include developing sign-up processes and Customer "My Page" specifically for the Japanese market, as well as development of a communication app used by our global customer service team.

In my downtime, I find joy in reading, practicing Pilates, going for walks, and traveling. Interestingly, I'm also a certified Pilates instructor;)

Podcasts have been my favorite source of learning and entertainment for a loooooong time, and I'm a huge fan! It's truly a pleasure to be here—thank you for welcoming me, Yay!

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